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Author Topic: First Timer's - You need to read this NOW...  (Read 2913 times)

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First Timer's - You need to read this NOW...
« on: March 12, 2009, 11:16:07 PM »



Be courteous and honest with this board and it's members.  No pornographic language or materials EVER!!!

Unacceptable UserNames will subject you to a "Boot" out of here...

#1....   Wear your tags when on the web site or on clan server(s), at all
           times (exception - Undercover Admin).
#2....   All members (tagged or not) will be treated respectfully.  We all kid
           around, but, if you offended someone - apologize and move forward.
#3....   Please, don't be a dumb-ass.
#4....   Do your "fair share" of keeping our "house" clean and honorable.
#5....   If you don't already know how to be Loyal, it can't be taught to you here.
#6....   Take responsibility for your actions (own it).
#7....   Sometimes, Life Sucks...  Learn how to use a straw and suck it up.


NO BUNNY HOPPING of ANY kind (yes, one hop and jump-shots included)...

No Insulting, harassing or badmouthing Admins, members or other players

NO CUSSING or RACIAL SLURS of any kind will be permitted - subject to instant PermBan...
  (The game may have it built-in, but you can always use a headset, so as not to offend others.  The chat, however, does not have that option.)
Crude, Filthy or otherwise unacceptable in-game names are not tolerated.  Failure to change when requested will subject you to a PermBan...

You are all Welcome to Play - Just remember, should a tagged GoMg member need a slot, you may be asked to come back or be kicked, so as to allow their entering the server...  This has  NO negative connotations about you; it is just a way to provide access to the priority members... 


RULEZ from

1 - No Martyrdom or Last Stand.
2 - No bunny hopping, prone or terrain exploit.
3 - No Insulting, harassing or badmouthing Admins, members or other players
4 - No excessive camping or voting.
5 - No offensive names or bad language.

On the server, you must play fair and with good sportsmanship. We want friendly, fair play,
not those that take pleasure in beating down others.

Martyr Grenades or Last Stand must be removed prior to joining any GoMg server... Period.

Your failure to read and understand the scrolling server rules is NOT an acceptable excuse.

Black or corrupt screenshots MAY lead to a kick and / or permanent ban until fixed.[/]

A note about forum and server usage. We play for fun, provide the site, communication, game servers and various other things. With this in mind... We will not tolerate abuse of the admins or other players either on this site or the gaming servers. If you choose to exploit, cheat, disobey the admins or ANY OTHER ACTIVITY THAT REQUIRES YOU TO BE REMOVED You may or may not be allowed back to the servers. IF your only reason to join the forums is to bitch and whine... Having never bothered to visit the forums before; Don't bother. Your requests will be ignored. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding this.

If you have been kicked or banned from a server, the proper channels are to either post a respectful post within the forums or to PM an Administrator. Insulting, cursing, or other poor judgment will not be acceptable in any fashion.

Zero tolerance means you will be removed from the site and servers permanently. For all time. No second chances. No warnings other than the fact you've seen us do it and this post. This is not a government owned site, and your free speech protections do not apply here. Having said that, Come and have fun and leave the drama at the door...

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